About Us

            eLitigation Services, Inc., is devoted to supporting you from the first filing through to the end of trial with expertise and experience that equals excellence.   Everyone on the eLitigation Team was carefully chosen for their years of experience and dedication to high quality support services.  All of us pride ourselves on addressing the individual needs of our clients.  You will find that our 50 plus years of litigation experience makes us uniquely adept at supporting your cases with the calm, focused intensity that litigation requires. 

            Rebecca Lobl, Esq. is the President of eLitigation Services, Inc.  A former federal district court clerk and intellectual property litigator at a major national law firm, she has worked in litigation support services for the past several years.  She founded eLitigation Services in order to provide a full range of services with an unwavering dedication to superior quality to her clients.  She brings her understanding of the litigation process, its quick pace and need for accuracy, providing excellent individualized services and support.