E-Discovery Services

• Project Management  • Collection
• Processing                   • Searching
• Document Coding        • Database Review Tools

Project Management is Our Specialty:  Our ability to clearly, comprehensively and frequently communicate with our clients is our greatest asset.  Having developed an individualized cost effective and defensible plan, we will create an online project timeline delineating each step of the process.  Our online system allows our clients to review where they are within the process, at any time.   

We Make Collection Easy:
We work with our clients to identify custodians of interest, the location of electronically stored data, and any known impediments to collection or processing, including any undue burden or password protected files.  Imaging can be done at our facilities or onsite, whichever is economically feasible and most convenient.  Which collection process is employed will depend on the volume of data, the need for a forensic bit for bity copy of the source, and the sophistication of the
in-house IT department.  Working with our clients, we design the most cost effective and diligent approach to document collection.

We Support all Methods of Processing:
We offer all types of processing in order allow the flexibility our clients desire.  Often the amount and type of data collected, what type of platform, if any, will be used for reviewing the documents, whether metadata is of interest and what format production will take, will determine the type of processing to be done.  We offer Early Case Assessment, Native File Processing, Full Processing (metadata, native files and TIFF images), OCR and PDF conversion and will adapt our approach to fit your needs.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Search Techniques:
 Together with our clients, we create a search plan that is designed to reduce the total volume of data to an amount that is reviewable within the budget and timeframe provided.  We offer objective data culling by date filters and custodian names, and subjective data culling, including client provided search terms, as well as near dupe technology, metadata filtering, foreign language detection, concept clustering, email thread analysis, and deNISTing.  Our goal is to amass a total document population that is small enough to review well before the documents are needed as exhibits at depositions or trial, but expansive enough to be defensible.

We Deliver Your Documents Coded:
  We code the documents to be reviewed to provide our clients with a greater ability to organize and search.  Based on our standard coding fields, our clients can search their documents by Beginning Bates Number, End Bates Number, Date, Document Type, Document Title, Author, Recipient, Carbon Copy (cc), and Characteristics.  Custom coding and logical document unitization is also available.

Your Choice of Database Review Tools:  For our clients with in-house review platforms, we provide load files for their litigation support software. For our clients that do not have an in-house review platform, we offer OnDemand, a software program delivered via the Internet with no long term software license and maintenance fees and no hardware to purchase or manage.  OnDemand enables our clients to store their documents for multiple cases, import and export documents, view as OCR and scanned images or in their native formats, redact, annotate, sort, code, search, tag in groups of related documents, and oversee reviewers.