Trial Presentation Services

Trial Presentation:             
• Graphic Renderings                                   • Video Clips with Text Synching
• Electronic Document Presentation          • Power Point Presentations
• Trial Director Software                               • Trial Technicians
• Courtroom Preparation                              • Animation

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: We help you present your evidence with convincing visuals that keep the trier of fact engaged.  Whether you need a foam core board with a graphic rendering or document highlighted, want to compare documents presented electronically side by side by, use tools such as highlighting, pull-outs, red ink edits in the moment, video text synched deposition clips, a day-in-the-life video, or present your version of an event as an animated sequence so that the trier of fact can “see” and even “hear” what you are describing, we can prepare the visuals to meet your needs.

Our Courtroom Preparation is Thorough:
  Whether your case is in state or federal court or a bench or jury trial or a panel arbitration, we will scout the courtroom and provide you with a graphic sketch indicating how to best prepare the room in order to visually present your case.  We will run a test at the location the day before your trial begins.

Trial Technicians Keep Things Running Smoothly:
   Our trial technicians are there to free you to do your job.  They rehearse your presentation with you to establish synchronicity and flow.  They are also your safeguard against electronic failures and support your presentation with smooth transitions, visual emphasis when you require it, and the ability to edit and prepare exhibits on the fly in the case of last minute evidentiary rulings or when you want to use a deposition video clip to impeach a witness on the stand.  Our technicians are also there at the end of each day to prepare your exhibits for the following day and make any necessary adjustments to your presentation. 

Our Technicians are Prepared for Anything: 
Our trial technicians bring everything, even a back-up plan.  Below is just a partial list of things we bring to ensure your successful presentation.  Our back-up plans vary depending on your budget and presentation, but can include a color print-out of the presentation to use on an ELMO, a third laptop, or blow-ups on foam core board. 

  • Two laptops with Trial Director
  • Projector and screen(s) of various sizes and or monitor(s)
  • Microphones, speakers, switches, cables, splitters, extension cords, power strips, zip ties, gaffer tape
  • Digital document camera
  • Low volume scanner
  • Black and white and/or color printer
  • External hard drive as back-up
  • Flash/thumb drive
  • Small portable table