eLitigation is owned and operated by an award winning woman lawyer

Take Remote Depositions with eLitigation and LiveLitigation:

Designed for the litigation environment in consultation with attorneys and judges, LiveLitigation is secure, easy to use, and offers robust features, including Realtime text streaming. LiveLitigation is not a generic videoconferencing system. Let us show you the difference.
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eLitigation Testimonials:

“eLitigation stands out from the crowd by providing prompt and reliable service, no matter the situation. When cases are busy and stress is high, having a trusted service provider you can contact at any hour is essential. eLitigation makes our jobs easier, which is the mark of a good partner.”
David Farkas, Associate, DLA PIPER, Los Angeles, CA

eLitigation is different:

(1) We are a boutique agency that really knows its clients, (2) the owner's background as an
attorney ensures that our team always operates with superior attention to detail, (3) we deliver
on the 9th day at no extra charge, (4) nationwide conference rooms are free, and (5) you can
always reach us, including the owner of the company, whenever you need us.

eLitigation Team Leaders:

President and Founder,  Rebecca Lobl, rlobl@elitigationservices.com
Director of Calendar Services, Karen Cooper, kcooper@elitigationservices.com
Director of Administration, Kenneth Moore, kmoore@elitigationservices.com